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A Love for Coronado, past down from generations!

4th-Generation Coronadian

My Great Aunt, Pat Kittleson, was the proud owner of The Little Club and The Mill in the 40’s. The Little Club, was a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, with amazing hamburgers, known for their delicious giant hamburger buns, a favorite fare for the military, kids, and families.  Individuals would enjoy the burgers when coming and going off the ferry, as there was no Coronado Bay Bridge back then. 

My Grandfather, Andrew J. Bodnar, Commander in the US Navy was a handsome (Tom Cruise type – who loved Top Gun). We watched Top Gun all the time together. He was a pilot from Racine, Wisconsin and he flew almost every plane back then, including seaplanes! He was stationed at North Island when he walked into The Little Club and met Aunt Pat. She instantly called my grandmother Mary Louis Weghorst, who was in Hollywood at the time, and said, “I just met your future husband!” My grandmother, on a hunch, drove to Coronado (which took her the entire day on the PCH) and met my Grandfather at The Little Club, where it was ‘love at first sight!’

My grandmother’s parents were from Burlington, Iowa, and decided to move to Hollywood to open up some of the first few gas stations in the City of Angels. After my grandparents married, they purchased their beautiful historic home in Coronado, Built in 1909. They rented it out while on 18 tours of duty and knew Coronado would be their forever home when they retired. They had four children (Jaqueline, John, Joanne, & Judy). My mother, Jacqueline Ann Hanson (a native born on North Island), was the oldest, and changed high schools almost every year. So when I was born, she promised to keep me in Coronado until graduation! And what an amazing community to grown up in! I still remember preschool and all my wonderful teachers growing up, who I still see today!  When my grandfather retired, he decided to go into Real Estate. Back then, there were only a handful of realtors.  He purchased rental properties and property-managed apartment complexes in Coronado, San Diego, and South Bay!

He became a well-known as a trusted, honest realtor (Bodnar Realty) in town, with my grandmother taking care of the bookkeeping. My grandfather’s dream was to have an office overlooking his wife in their beautiful rose garden, where she was daily (if she wasn’t taking care of the kids, paperwork, or playing bridge). Two years later, El Cordova Plaza was built, and his office on the 3rd floor overlooked his wife in their rose garden. Even though it was only a block away, it would take my grandfather often 2 hours to get home for dinner, as he would stop and talk to community members along the way. Always helping individuals and the community members in real estate and more!

I decided to run for Coronado City Council as a dedication to my grandfather, who loved this community and the home and security it provided our family!

I also dedicate running for office to the community, to all my family, both of my grandfathers (who were my mentors), and most importantly, to my daughter Hitimahana!

With a wonderful childhood, education, and mentors growing up in Coronado, it provided me the wings to soar after graduating from Coronado High School! I completed a BS in Environmental Studies from UCSB, and a Master’s Degree in Global Leadership from USD (an amazing masters program which included Navy Pilots, Navy Seals, military and civilians).  And I am currently working towards my doctorate in Public Policy. My professional career is one of heart and serendipity! From helping save the last natural grey whale breeding ground in San Ignacio as the Campaign Manager for San Diego (right out of undergrad), to working on military contracts with SAIC, being a liaison to Washington D.C. I also was the Public Policy Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association (I started after my paternal grandfather passed of Alzheimer’s), where I fell in love with policy. Then I helped launched a full-service marketing and production company Finest City Entertainment, that has elevated vital community groups and organizations all over the nation. Which ironically helped Coronado stay afloat in fundraising and visibilities capacities during the pandemic. Now with my own PR Agency (City In Design) cityindesign.com , my professional passion is working on local, state, and national campaigns, helping make positive changes in communities!

Working with companies, organizations, and individuals, all over the nation and world in policy, fundraising, advocacy and more, it has provided me the very broad experience and knowledge needed and essential to represent Coronado, times ahead, ‘all the people of this community!’

My personal passion is supporting the arts and mental health!  Both vital and essential functions in a community!

My hobbies and interests include; spending time with my daughter, golfing, Polynesian dance, podcasting, comedy, running, yoga, and enjoying and promoting the arts and live music in our community!

I know if elected, I will continue to bridge positive growth, maintaining the integrity and diversity of the City of Coronado, the ‘Why, We Love Coronado!”

“Representing Community”

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