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Elect Pilialoha Estall

Coronado City Council


“IT TAKES A community”

I am running for Coronado City Council because I believe in our community!

I am running because I want to support, protect, and preserve Coronado, its citizens, and community members.

Once two islands, now a tied island connected to the mainland by a tombolo (sandy isthmus), Coronado Island is home to exceptional outdoor recreation, beautiful family-friendly beaches, and one of the most magnificent historic hotels in the nation.

A steadfast community, diverse in its residents, our dedication and support for the youth and its military is our heart!

With ‘The Islander’ spirit and top-rated schools, it is one of the best places to raise a family.

I am running because I am passionate about preserving the “Why We Love Coronado!” The ‘Crown City’ with the ‘Crown of Bohemia Hibiscus’ as its city flower (the inspiration for my campaign logo), we have the largest tented flower show in the nation and one of the best public golf courses in the state!

As a mother above all, if elected, my dedication is to our youth while ensuring the community has the adult and aging services and programs they need.

  • I promise to prioritize Public Safety while staying on top of influx, continuing a fiscally conservative budget,.
  • I promise to tackle issues at hand and staying in front of pressing ones around the corner.
  • I promise due diligence, hard work, and research for today’s continually changing environment.
  • I promise to always listen to community voices, needs, and concerns!
  • I promise to serve with humility because Coronado is about ‘Us, The Community!”

I have the servant leadership and integrity it takes!





– Pilialoha Kilohana Estall

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